Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2014





Tight rope walkers, city stalkers
Come to meet you come to greet you
With the morning sun days begun
In New York City.
Skinny ladies, hairline crazies
Push and shove as they live and love
In downtown’s zone, right off Great Jones
In New York City.

Heat so hot around mid july
Chill so cold from a wintry sky
Spring and fall sheer beauty behold
In New York City.
Buildings high dance with rolling skies
Sing with sadness, ring with gladness
It’s evening time I’m feeling fine
In New York City.

Taxi drivers, thieves and liars,
Beggars sinners, would-be winners,
Creeps and clowns all hanging around
In New York City.
Big time boppers, city hoppers,
Wealthy women chauffeur driven
Run around in a rich man’s town
In New York City.

Through many days of wind and rain
I’m different now I’m not the same.
Get so tired of ties that bind
I’m the one always running blind
From head to toe my name’s not mine
In New York City.

Dennis John Ferado Copyright 2013

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