Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 4, 2014

STRIKE A POSE…..~by Gurpreet K Bhogal




Strike a pose…..
that to life you owe,
come out, come on and show….
strike a pose
like that lightening ‘s streak
in which finally shows itself uncladded,
a night meek……
strike a pose
as the waves bizarre,
at their wildest best
like an unhinged ramping star……
strike a pose
like a rose,
blooming beyond thorns
because it chose……..
strike a pose
like that venus far
that you be crowned
as the only one, the evening star……
strike a pose
as that lonely waiting way
as if the earth has
something to you to say……
strike a pose
that people may call you crazy,
in fields of rose blossoms
be proud to be the only daisy…….
strike a pose
and with time run a mile
and win by living a thousand moments
in a simple thing called a smile……
strike a pose
a promise due
strike a pose
of you becoming ‘you’……..

-Gurpreet (preet…..)

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