Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2014

Eternity In Heaven~by Marie Falck



Eternity In Heaven

I can hardly wait, until I enter Heaven’s gates
And meet the One, who gave His life for me
I will join the Heavenly throng
And sing Redemption Song
Around the Throne of God, eternally
And, when we see our Lord and King
A “standing ovation” He will receive
As we cast our crowns
Down at His nail – scarred feet
Then, one by one we’ll gather
And we’ll all break bread together
At the marriage supper
Of our Saviour, Lord, and King
Time now has no boundaries
When we meet with friends and families
And best of all, we nevermore will depart
What a joy overflowing
Is down, deep in our hearts
As we are welcomed by
Our heroes of the Bible
And, when we walk upon the streets of gold
We’ll hear the “half that’s never yet been told”
How each one there,
Came forth as purest gold

By Marie Falck – Ruhlmann

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