Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2014

Our Keeper~by Mark Muthiora



Our Keeper

Our keeper stands there fitless
Graceless, shapeless, clueless
As goal after goal after goal
Caress the back of our net
Sending the other side into a frenzy.

This man with a rotund belly
This woman with a heaving bosom
This man with dyed hair
This woman with fake hair
Our lives entrusted to them.

So, to afford the country club life
Drive Range Rovers and Audis
Homes in Nyari and Nyali
Sweethearts and sugartoys
Our lives they pawn.

Our keeper has the face of a pastor
A harmless look mingled with sweet words
Sells hope for a living
So we give him all our hard won monies
Now, he is building a third home.

Our keeper is all talk
Big words with big people
Small talk with small people
Our keeper knows how to swing opinion
Big belly, father figure, so in him we trust.


  1. even the losers have to win occasionally

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