Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 6, 2014

The Bar Stool~by rldubour



The Bar Stool

Here comes another stranger to keep me company.
I wonder what her story is as she speaks to me.
I wonder why she’s here and quite all alone.
I am sure that I’ll find out, why she is not at home.
Just like all the rest that come, come to visit me.
Each one has a broken heart that is plain to see.
She sits here and orders drinks to drown out all her sorrows.
To forget about what she has been through and all of her tomorrows.
Most of those that come to me a story they do tell.
For I just stand here quietly and listen very well.
I listen to her troubles, her heartaches and her pain.
Of how she wants to change her life, before she goes insane.
They say you hurt the one you love all this must be true.
She is left alone with no one else and don’t know what to do.
So now she come to meet me almost every night.
She wants to meet that someone, she thinks will make things right.
I try to speak but she doesn’t hear of what she ought to do.
Sometimes they just don’t listen to this lonely old barstool.

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