Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2014

DISOWNED~ by Jernail S Anand




We call upon Him day in and day out;
and stay in awe of Him

We call him kind Father
but never believe in His kindness;

When every day we say
‘Give me this, Give me that’
He is offended.

How many times He has told us
in equal proportions, every thing that is Mine
belongs to you.

The sunshine, the moonshine,
the lakes, the winds, the waters
and the rains;

alike are in the same measure
our own;

still, we are deficient in a hundred ways
in a thousand things;
and we blame Him.

He gets on the defensive.
Looks into our eyes.
And says: Are you my children?

Did I conceive you in this way?
Hungry, lustful, jealous, in hatreds torn?
fighting, killing, grabbing, and joying?
and to none belonging?

It won’t be a surprise
if He issues a notification
in the newspapers disowning us.

dr j.s. anand
all rights reserved/2014.

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