Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2014

Traveling on the other side of a wonder land~ by



Traveling on the other side of a wonder land

I took a ride on the other side
of a wide Ocean and wilder skies
People spoke in different language
Only two of us are of our mother tongue

That night I really traveled, too, far
And never thought of retracing back
Until I missed my identity
Out of my jacket pocket.

I did not ask myself nor did I mind
With excitement I kept walking
On the beautiful oceanic waves
Losing my return track.

Then the waves went really high
We rushed into a building
Octagon in shape and very clean
Ten feet wide thirteen feet long

Then the dykes of confusion broke
And I understood why we were there
So far in an island totally stranger
Among the unknowns we, two, together

I could not believe there, too,
Around us the air could be crisp
And the sky could be wide and blue
Falling upon us with a sound drip, drip
The musical drops of rain from a divine cloud.

Yet I feared something could go wrong
And might have to face unexpected worse
What, if nobody was impressed or phased by
Then I felt a strong jerk followed by an earthquake.

The dream was over and I silently woke up
Since then I have been searching my identity and wallet.
On the rough soil of hard world and harsh reality
After silently walking off the oceanic waves

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