Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2014

Unique ! ( hit on title to see in full )~by Abdul Wahab



Unique ! ( hit on title to see in full )

If you bring forth a thought

To compare then you must wonder

What a man I am, awkward

No one is like me

Nor I resemble with any other

Not even I am like the wind you can measure

In volume or litre, my essence is not in any height either

In length and width I do not spread

Like the sun I do not shine

I am myself I need not to be rain

Nor to be a piece of diamond

I reflect I glow what I am

I am proud of my individuality

I do not like what you like me to be

Not even l like to be, like a rose you can treasure

The beauty in red or blue, my value is not in any colour either

Like sweet or sour I do not taste

Like a rivulet I do not murmur

I hate to be like any one

Not even I like to be beauty you can desire

In thirst in lust, my power is not in gory pleasure either

In sound in song I am not born

Like a bird I do not sing

I need not to be like a bright full moon

Or a piece of glittering gold

To me I am more valuable

I love to be myself

On my own right I am me that is enough

No depth of an ocean I sought

Nor I vie the might of the sky

In blazing uniqueness my glory dazzles!

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