Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2014

A CHEERFUL VIEW~ by Atty Theresa Tenazas




Take a cheerful view of everything
Trust in God and mind your own business.
Pray for a short memory as to forget all unkindness. 
Cultivate forbearance till your heart yields a fine crop of it.
Give your tongue more holiday than your hands or your eyes.
Be content to do the things you can, and fret not because you cannot do everything.
Never reply in any kind to a sharp or angry word, it is the second word that makes the quarrel.
Make the best of what you have and do not make yourself miserable by wishing for what you have not.


  1. Tell her to call me… so lovely hurts… but she hurted me so much… only words by an unfaithful filipina

  2. So sad… such fake woman with their lies and cheating everybody

  3. Not attorney…. a cheater

  4. And if you have any doubts… contact me and I tell how she really is

    • Hi Ando, tell me about her.

      • What exactly you want to know?

      • How she really is.
        Is interesting, because she wrote about valuable feelings, but in the practice you said that she is unfaithful, a fake person.

  5. Hi Ando, a friend of my gave me her contact. Is she not a lawyer?

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