Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2014

H A P P Y M O T H E RS D A Y~by




O mother! My heart seeks for you
Weeps in a prison like a bird, when alone,
I seek you to sit by me singing a lullaby
I rise like a hill from swampy ground,
When abandoned to solitude in pain
Broken by the elusive dreams of the day
You lead me to light of wisdom always new.

O mother! You are my sight and sense
When blinded for wrong ways in life
You hold my ear to love truth and god
In words like gems so precious forever.

You are my first and last alphabets, I utter
In joy and in sorrow, in every heart beat,
No pen can express the love in you
No book can possess feelings in you
My lips fall short of words for you though I try.

I knew you someone so close to me amidst all
Transform a craggy rock in to pure gold,
The painter of my shape and mind as I look
And speak in some or other way like you,
A green field always smiled in you for me
With the seeds of dreams for a celestial babe.

I am never empty of thoughts for you
Who patiently prayed well beings of all,
You are submissive, honourable, teachable
Holy, faithful, kind , loving and true
Rare and unique, a deathless love
Like the pendant star sublime in sky forever.

Dt 10-5-2014
Composed and copy right by Rajendra k. Padhi


  1. Ron, i think that Rajendra hit it square on the head.

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