Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2014

The shutters~by Poems Gedichte



The shutters

The shutters are closed and the room is dark.
There is not sound, just the light of the moon creeping in.
We sleep and dream to wake to the subtle rays of the sunlight.

The Light of the Moon

The shutters are closed and the room is dark.
My body lies and my mind embarks.
My breathing slows down and settles in.
I wander on back to where I’ve been.

The world turns into another place.
I move without walking and move without haste.
Events of the day are turned over again.
Sometimes it is strangers, sometimes it is friends.

I travel a timeline. I call it my life.
Sometimes they are memories seemingly trite.
But all is important in this world in the dark.
My mind is in overdrive, body in park.

The light of the moon is waiting outside.
The night is escorting the time that I bide.
The morning is coming. The night drifts away.
I’ll wake to the sunlight and go on my way.

CA Roberts 06.04.14
Thank you Susan E. Birch “close the shutters”

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