Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2014

ღ In Loneliness ღ~Dreaming Poet~by ღ Mira ღ



ღ In Loneliness ღ

Lonely hearts … wondering how it could’ve been
Sadness creeping in their souls leaving them in pain
Lonely hearts … victims of their own unforgivable sin
Sadness telling them there’s nothing more to gain

Loneliness leading to this eternal void deep inside
Where they can no longer run , no longer hide

Lonely hearts victims of lust and doomed seduction
No love to heal their souls or give them serenity
Lonely hearts aching for love, yet self destruction
As nothing relieves them, a moment is eternity

Those foolish lonely hearts …. too proud
In a consuming voiceless silence, yet so loud

Faces longing to see the ones they love
Hearts aching for a look, for a touch
Dreaming doesn’t seem to be enough
As the separation hurts way too much

Too proud to say I love you
Too sad to say I miss you

He sleeps, her eyes haunting his memory
Tears on her pillow, she finally dreams
He wishes to see her face to cease his agony
She wants to cry but who would hear her screams

Too proud to admit whose fault it is
Too stubborn to be the one to resist

Silence so intense swallows their pride
They both know in loneliness they’ll remain
Too proud to admit who is on the wrong side
Too foolish to realize they both end in pain.

In loneliness they both hide their tears
In loneliness they might remain for years ©

ღ Mira ღ

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