Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2014

The Heart of a Mother~by Ramesh Rai



The Heart of a Mother

The Heart of a Mother
Eventually he decided to prove
he was a true lover of this world
as he is a loving son of his mother
he would do for his beloved
what world had never done
when he was put on a test
by his beloved, if he was so
a great lover of this world
to bring his mother’s heart
for whole hearted satisfaction.
This made him worried
from all corners of his life
but could not stop rather than
a betrayer for the life.
So, he went to his mother and
asked with his gloomy face
when his heart and mind both
were disdaining for his evil deed
Mom! you have made a great
for my satisfaction, for my well
would you do once more
to make my life worthy and
save me from being called a

Mom’s heart was very fragile
unable to see his weeping face
Her heart burst up with tears
to listen his pitiful voice
What happened? what happened?
My son! i can giveup my life
for all pleasures in your life
He wept bitterly but was
Mom! Mom!
my beloved has asked for your
if i loved her so much.
you gave me life, brought me up
i can not live without you
i can not survive without her too.
Mom had to cross the fire
for survival of her maternity
to fulfill all desires of his son.
She wiped off her tears and
became ready to give her heart
for all pleasures of his son
to make his life full of gay.
He took a knife and cut out her
the heart to which he was clinged
days and nights
the heart which could realise each
resonance of his heart

Carrying her heart on his palms
he was going to meet the
his every step was being driven by
mother earth
to bring pleasures in a son’s life
as if when she is ploughed
her heart never cares
what is flowing from her heart
is it milk or it is blood, after all
she is tolerating to make her sons
stronger and stronger with
for a long and a long life
The son was going and going and
taking his mother’s heart on his
as if the heart was kissing the
with her full cares and affection
and blooming like a morning
kissing the first ray of sun.
Suddenly he stumbled with a
the heart of the mother cried out
oh my son! oh my son!
Did you get hurt?
ramesh rai

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