Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2014

For You (You know who you are)~by Cho Wan Yau



For You (You know who you are)


Gazing into the abyss
staring down my soul
screwed up
What again
Yep again and again
Ad infinitum

Miss Imperfect issues tissues
best saboteur in town
Something good advancing
Oh we can’t have that
Blast demolition job
But this is a keeper
And this is an order

If actions could be undone
emotions not cloud
insecurity rear its ugly head
not good enough laid to rest
then I would be forgiven

Unwanted girl in woman’s body
yearning to love and be loved
who would stay the distance
look beyond cracked imperfection
wipe silent tears within
hold her till she rises
beautiful soul that she is

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