Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2014

So it shall be~by Palma Mingozzi



So it shall be

Ah my love,
I speak to you in verse
The only language I’ve known
Since the beginning of time was born
Should I have been more coarse
As fine as the salt of the Earth
I would speak with you once more of love
For mine you are to hold
To dream of you
Is to transport a lover
To the Universe’s cellar
Of stellar completion
You are my super nova condition
Why then do you not come to me
When I call upon your soul
Why must the muse
Beside sit once more still
And Sell her laughter short
in a compass of hope
Oh dream come to me
call me once more
Just to hear his voice
She listens in silent in dread stricken gloom
In a reflecting pool
He is inside her womb
Be then the one
Pegasus to Unicorn
Awaiting her due

She sits by the pale eclipse of the moon
Awaiting her groom
Waiting to divide and conquer
And so it shall be
Her beginning and end 
for an exchange 
of his new entire world.

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