Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2014

IRRITATING ~Acrostic style~by rldubour




I-rritated with many things  ~~I sit and contemplate

R-egarding life in general ~~And why there’s so much hate.

R-eflecting back to yesterday ~~Life was a slower pace

I-f I could only bring that back ~~Those days we can’t replace.

T-he important words are missing  ~~No longer are they said

A-borting words like family  ~~I now hear greed instead.

T-oday our world is in a mess  ~~And getting worse each day

I-gnotism is what I see  ~~As man goes on his way.

N-eglecting all the valued things  ~~That family once had taught

G-reed and power are now the words  ~~Self-righteousness has brought.

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