Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2014

LIKE THE HUE OF GRASS………~by Rajendra Padhi




The lake is unruffled by ripples of waves
The boats are still, the sailors frozen,
Vainly the breeze curves on their lips 
The birds sing no songs in gentle rhythm
Nor flowers bloom or fade in fragrance.

The thick eyes of the night blinded for light
The seasons are lost for days in solitude,
The travellers bitterly grieved out of pain
The senses are ravaged by such a sight
Stumble over words bereft of music.

The burnt hearts foster words of pain
In their songs distrust to hear or sense,
Or with such love with intentions hidden,
Lies in a dead land implores a vacuity
Born and disappear like vapour in sky.

The sun is sick like an old man walks
The moon bloodlessly wink from clouds,
Songs are frosted disdain ears to hear
Swing in a void like a broken doll for kids.

The travellers wait for seasons to come
Yearning for true songs bursting into ways
Like prayers to come from soul in sorrow,
When the lake like a new babe will awake
And the greenery from a dead slumber.

Never to pursue man for glories short
But sing and sing only in spring and winter,
Like the green hue of grass abound eyes
Sing like the lapping waves flushed in joy.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. padhi

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