Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2014

The Pusher~by Rik Bertrand



The Pusher

I have been dipped in sin,
Branded by the fires of hell.
Cursed by Heavenly Angels, 
Painted dark in with no detail.

I am blacker than the night,
I have no shadow no substance.
Crippled by both good and bad,
My life is full of reluctance.

No one can see or love me,
No one can hate who I am.
I am of nothing, yet everything,
I wish you all could understand.

I have been crafted by heaven and hell
To be the weight between good and bad.
The invisible force of nature,
That pushes you from happy to mad.

So next time you are feeling good,
And a bad thought crosses your mind,
Know that it is me pushing you
Away from being kind.

I do not take to either side,
I can push you either way.
It may be into the evil of night,
Or into a sun filled day.

©REB (MAY 2014 #40) I can push you either way…

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