Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2014

FORM – ALITIES~by Jernail S Anand




We are in this form
the form of a man;
or of any other being
or non-being;

being in form
is what grants us an identity
a pseudonym for prison;

we were a large mass
of rock
off which a small shape was carved

and this shape of flesh and blood
too came off
an invisible chunk of life-berg;

with this form
are attendant some formalities
to keep it alive
and to use it in the best way;

the form,
forgetting there was a ‘form-er’
considers itself self-innovated

and works a whole span
considering itself
an independent entity

we consider the formalities
the final analysis of life
and spend ourselves
in keeping up this form;

unaware of the larger intent
denying the spiritual content
broken from the mass
turn our back on the form-er.

dr j.s. anand
all rights reserved/2014

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