Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2014

Sealed Hearts~by Abdul Wahab



Sealed Hearts

While the mighty hills lost their guts and under the mother’s apron

The vast oceans hid into a mysterious curtain, when you tell them

To in -script your words in their chest but I, though a creature too small

And insignificant, took the task to cut into the air from ether to the

Nether world out of ‘will’; readers may call it ‘ego’,   however they

Pumped in all into their lungs like a balloon does but alas! They could

not feel , though they tried hard and I, in defeat, hang my face long and

Looked vacant in tearful eyes, while I see you sitting there smiling with

Composed posture, all irritating!! What a plot!! Am I a pawn of a bigger game?

Then why did not you tell me before hand that you have sealed their hearts

All efforts of mine would be in vain and for them I could not be an artist?



I brought forth your message in front of their eyes through a canvas

like flowers bloomed in an  orchard but they say they could not see ,

I turned and became a musician to ham it into a tune and poured it

into their ears still they say they could not hear , in frustration when

I  beg , I yell  ,   and  shout , they  call me mad man , while I see you

Sitting there smiling with composed posture, all irritating!! On demand

You descend and say putting your hand under my chin ‘’ no wrong

Lies with you, my friend, simply they would not listen and appreciate

as they got their hearts sealed , no matter, how great you are an artist.

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