Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2014

Music Earth Grown Save Me~by Jeff Cannon



Music Earth Grown Save Me

Let music save my heart from bleeding
the pain that coughs through my flesh
atrocity pierced

My body lizard food spite up and chewed again
so i feel their presence
believe domination is my fate

Ha, ha, ha
i would slit my throat to save
the blood that sings my name human
sings loud the earth song, vibrant, free
the one that saves my flesh
keeps alive the pulse starry rhythm set

Hands rise from canyons
wolf prayers bind me to the true faith
trees present stand to keep
they sway to prevent me
from the crying that would disappear me down
finite streams of my numbered tears

© Jeff Cannon, 05/24/ 2014, at desk in response to a post by Irma Guardarrama

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