Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2014

Destination America~KENTUCKY~by rldubour

Monday! time to travel, today we visit (in alpha order) the great state of:



To the Cherokee it means, area south
Of the Ohio River is this land.
The origin of this states name is
Disputed to some it means “meadowland”

The people are called Kentuckians
And the song, “My Old Kentucky Home.”
Motto is; “United we stand, divided we fall.”
And called “The Bluegrass State” as it is known.

Mammouth Cave, the worlds longest and
The second oldest attraction since its creation.
And Kentucky was the favorite hunting ground
For the Cherokee and Shawnee nation.

Mary Wilson of Henderson in 1887
A day to honor mother, her wish would soon begin.
Also Colonel Sanders opens the first
Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Corbin.

The highest bridge in America over navigable
Water is High Bridge near Nicholasville.
And they still talk about the feud between the
Hatfield’s and McCoy’s where even looks would kill.

Washington, the first town in the United States
Named after a President in the year of 1780.
And the first Miss America from this state
Heather Renee French, what a lady!

The world’s shortest and deepest underground river

Is Lost River Cave near Bowling Green.

And Fort Knox has the largest deposit of gold

That is all well locked and kept unseen.


In 1892 the radio was invented by a Kentuckian

Named Nathan B Stubblefield of Murray

Daniel Boone and wife Rebecca are buried

Together in the Frankfort cemetery.


The state bird is the cardinal

The game animal is the gray squirrel

The insect is the Viceroy butterfly

And the gem stone is the freshwater pearl.


Now famous names like Jim Bowie

Sawyer, Clooney and Abe Lincoln

Warren, Depp, Reese and Davis

Barkley, Monroe and Loretta Lynn



Statehood, June 1, 1792 the 15th state

Capital is Frankfort

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