Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2014

Pinball Wars

Poesy plus Polemics

(Reblog of an earlier posted poem)

Mechanical delirium
intoxicated my youth.
Sensory captivation,
like the audio-visual
brainwave entrainment
to isochron tones
of a mind machine.

Backbox vignettes cast
Vargas-like pin-ups,
long-legged ladies,
bikini-clad beauties,
whom Gottlieb well knew
would tauntingly beckon
my horned adolescence.

Adeptly delivering
plunger-shot balls of
bright chromium steel
would kick off my battle,
in no-holds-barred warfare,
with a merciless foe,
Galilean gravity.

Bursting like bomblets,
cacophonies of color,
clashing and flashing
in sync with shrill bells,
chimes and buzzers, gave
signal of passage down
through tight chicane lanes.

Between thumper bumpers,
I’d trap a ball, nudging its
rat-a-tat ricochet,
racking up points.
The longer the trap, the
higher the score, displayed
on the blonde’s curvy parts.

Urging the box side to side,
carefully short of a “tilt,”
I’d knock down lit targets
and bank into pop-back holes,
using precisely timed raps
of my palm or my…

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