Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 27, 2014

Poetry~by Angela Angela Angela



I’m at the room just beside
That of a twistive mind
I’m never at ease in the night
Cos i know that she might
Be planning of something
Something that’s built in her nerves
A god in her head that she serves
Of unknown beliefs that she believes
Created by unusual thoughts that relieves
The voices inside her head
And i am alarmed while at bed
Hiding under sheets
Wide awake
Rushing adrenaline
Cos she might do something unwanted
A feeling that has left me hunted
By a killer
A psycho
A beast
A thought of my neck being twist
Heart’s pounding
Severely aching
Breathing hardly,
I am drowning
Of visions that she could be violent
Caused by a beast inside her own head


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