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The limerick is a poetical form popular since the 18th century. The idea that there can be ‘clean’ limericks is farcical at best. However, I have a couple of examples that I wrote which are cleaner than most.


Vacuumed Cleaner


There was an old man from Vancouver,

Who bought his new wife a used Hoover;

She put in the plug,

It sucked up the rug,

So he got a big van man to move her.



It’s the Pits


There was a young woman from Barrie,

Who loved kissing armpits, quite hairy;

One day, she did smell,

And said, “This is hell:

Some sweaty men’s armpits are scary.”



Will that be Cash or …?


A young maiden from St. Catharines

Felt she’d have to pay dearly for sins;

So she thought, “What’s the harm-a,

If I charge them to Karma,

Cause a…

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  1. A crazy young rebel called Tom,
    Started fooling about with a bomb,
    They got most of him up,
    With a teaspoon and cup,
    And sent him by post to his mom

    • ORT-ORT-ORT!!!! 🙂

      This old guy did seal voices,
      Amongst other cheerful choices…
      An attack of the sillies
      Gave his brother the willies,
      And kept his undies the moistest! —J.E.C. 🙂

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