Posted by: Jonathan Caswell | May 28, 2014

Working out with your K9 Companion


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Suns out guns out and what better way to get into shape for summer then to workout outside enjoying the beautiful weather? And what better way to tire out your pup then to bring them along? Your canine companion can make a great workout partner. I bring Bentley on runs, swims and lots of hikes, and some people even teach their dogs to surf and skate board!


Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not an animal trainer and you should consult your Vet before starting your dog on any exercise regimen.  Although I enjoy several outdoor activities with Bentley (my Shepherd/Lab/Great Dane/Rot mutt), different breeds have different needs and predispositions your Vet can educate you about.

Below are some tips from my experience training Bentley to be my workout partner and information I’ve gathered along the way:

Hiking at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego Hiking at Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego


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