Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2014

Poet’s Agony~by Abdul Wahab



Poet’s Agony

the people who do not like

and love

give a thumps up

and leave few words praising or criticizing

on my poem ,

i bless them all with a boon

one day ideas will kick their hearts

thoughts will box their mind


and pass sleepless nights with pain


like a bud

like a woman , pregnant , suffers

until they deliver twin babies

or bloom into a flower


before the dawn breaks into morning

and the sun rises

the moon will come

and in love and adoration

she will keep her hand over their heads

while dew will fall upon them

in delight

to kiss their faces


rivers will rise to wash their feet

and winds will vie

the streams

who will spread their fragrance fast

to a land ,

rich ,

distant and far off

i will be not there for sure

but my fellow poets will

i request them in advance

to convey

my best wishes

and that is for you all.

no matter who is who

who is what

who write the poems

who becomes a great poet

or an author

but the words will linger in the air

for all to breathe them in,

in a long sigh

to feel cool

when you will feel the heat of life

they will etch


will pour rain

listen to their tune

and catch them with a bucket

and figure out

what they mean when they speak


  1. OOO—BLESS your enemies!!! Don’t curse them….EDUCATE THEM!!! 🙂

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