Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2014

HE~by Jernail S Anand




He curses me
for things i have not done
and does not acknowledge
what i have done for him.

I find myself enclosed
in a never ending cycle
i am a small lead-ball
losing myself in the
coils of existence.

I do not like being punished
for things i don’t know
i have done somewhere
in the past;

what a fate!
i don’t know how the day
will come to an end
nor when i shall call it a day.

in such a certain uncertainty
only hope can be our saviour;
all other scales are tilted
against us;

i simply don’t know
what he expects of me;
why i am here
suffering a mix up of joys and sorrows;

what is this game?
is it only a game? or it has
some larger significance?

who trapped me in this existence?
who will come to deliver me?
death is not deliverance
it is only a pale shadow of it.

dr j.s. anand
all rights reserved/2014
May 31, 2014

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