Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2014

Me With My Mind~by Abdul Wahab



Me With My Mind

No retreat

After getting hammered

So much upon my  head


 do not rush to conjecture

the image of a war

I am too non-violent

May be due to my obligation

Or for the strength I posses


This is a battlefield

of romantic love  in which

I have given so much

the same amount of

love  now

in return is required

from my beloved,my mind .


you may call it a fun game

I am playing with my mind

In this full flagged tussle

It is a joy to lose myself

Yet I will not retreat

Till the victory of my mind


so much  I have gone deep

from where

No return is possible

Any way,  if I be careless ,

a little

The power  of bouncy will push me up

In a up thrust

and I will find myself floating , which

my mind will never accept .


I have walked   miles

And my mind has descended

Into water ,waist deep

And  the show must be put up

No letting off the hook

And lets start


Un- conceived ideas and virgin thoughts .

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