Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2014

PROVOCATION TO ANGER!~by Premilah Ramnauth




What do we do when
People make us go off the hinges,
Do we lose our composure and
Forget our good manners and ethics?

Do they have fun when they see us fume with anger?
Do they rejoice as our blood pressure shoot up?
Do they exalt in their presumed successes?

Anger comes through:

* Misunderstandings,
* A bad tone of voice
* Someone offending us,
* Someone wronging us,
* Someone cheating us,
* Someone stealing something from us
* Someone being rude to us, or
* Someone does not like us

The fruit of anger is that it ruin relationships,

What to do then?

We should get rid of all:

* Bitterness,
* Rage and Anger,
* Brawling and
* Slander,
* Along with every form of malice
* Clear all misunderstanding

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