Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2014

Shut In tight World~by Abdul Wahab



Shut In tight World

I was walking down an unknown graveyard

I stumbled with a stone and felt a tug

And turned back to see

I found nothing significant and mention worthy

Just a blue sky and some fallen leaves

I smiled and the silence smiled back too

And told me all is well here

The dead are super fine

And running life in absolute peace


Way back to my home

Treading a road, glossy  and smooth

My heart never felt

Nor any suffering heart made me know

Here there is lots of pain, suppressed sobs,

And lots of music of crying playing silently

Such is the stony life and such is the selfish world

We lead and we choose to live, yet we claim

Our heart is soft like a flake and warm like wool

I salute you , man , you are really , really great!!

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