Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 1, 2014

A Hilarious poem~by



A Hilarious poem

In many oriental societies of us

There is a belief that woman cries

Either to hush up the faults she makes

Or tries to win out of sympathy a heart of a man

Believe me I do not believe it at all


And I do not love to cry and the reason is not that

I want to cover up my tender side

Nor want I to show that crying is girlish

And to face the challenge is heroic

Under pressure never to break down is manly and I am a boy

Believe me I do not believe in doing blasphemy


But I never console a girl or let any one  win my heart crying

It is not that my heart is stone hard and I am cruel

But I do a favor inspiring them to cry with content

As it would help them to come clean and start things  anew

While I laugh and get the benefit of the word’s best medicine.

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