Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2014

Minority Problem~by Abdul Wahab



Minority Problem

Sometimes it happens

People belong to majority shout you down by their histrionics

And push you to a corner

May be there are  no mistakes done by you

And in you there is no weakness

Yet they will not desist from bullying

Snatching away your honor and pride

Your freedom, religious, linguistic and cultural

They will encroach upon your faith, belief

Force you to abandon your identity

Lure you to assimilate with them

No matter how much there lie ill-logic, injustices and wrongs

They think it is a fun

The only sin you commit

The only fault you inherit is that you are in minority

And their behavior, you may call it anything

But I call it ‘’ mass sadism ‘’


Some of them so much engrossed

In love of themselves

Intoxicated to self love and self praise

That they forget that they become a psychopath

A disease, psychological, we call it narcissism

And others so deeply involved

In counting numbers

Obsessed with measuring strength

That they become the believer of delusions

And false notions of power

This is too a mental condition

Psychologically we call it megalomania


Minority problem is not limited

To a certain country or area

To a certain religion or race

It may happen with your ideas, with your thoughts

It is a universal phenomenon, dealing with life

In a place where you are in majority

In other places you are squib damn in minority

I have lived a life in places as of both ways

And I know how it tastes.


Even in a true democratic system

People fail to understand that in case of numbers

In case of minority democracy flips flops

The success of it squarely depends on how you treat your opposition

The people not in power

Less in number

And not with you!!!

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