Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2014

Golden years~by rldubour



Golden years

Have you ever thought about the phrase they call the golden years?

And wonder what it really means, as time does draw them near.

For some it means the end of work, to enjoy what’s left in time.

To fulfill their many dreams, taking one dream at a time.

Could this be the scenario? That someone had in mind.

When they coined the golden years and thought that they would find.

As I look around and view those in their golden years.

I see this as a time, when older people fear.


A time when most people, are barely getting by.

The age of life is showing, in their face and in their eyes.

What money they have coming in, can not be put aside.

It’s either food or medicine, as they must decide.

A time when many older folks have found themselves alone.

And one last stop before they pass, we call it nursing homes.

A time when sickness comes on quick and health is a concern.

Seems a shame these are the years, that they all once yearned.

To make those dreams reality, as you are growing old.

Their dreams once shared will never be, nor will they reach their goal.

Have you ever thought about the phrase they call the golden years?

And wonder what it really means, as time does draw them near.


  1. Well, I have indeed considered the phrase. And the appeal and dilemmas (Midas) that gold represents.

    There is not enough writing about aging, I think. And as our Baby Boomer generation is sucked into that eddy, we are surprised (though I don’t know why).

    Agers are no longer respected nor valued in this world. It is the young and the buff — the inexperienced — who are pedestalled and revered. Even we revile ourselves, and look for youthful potions and procedures.

    So, keep it up (which is a hard thing — no pun intended — to do as you get older). And, as we said in the 60s, “write on!”

    I’ve written several “conversations” that deal with a gentleman who is facing that long and not-so-slow slide into senior citizen oblivion. Click on the link, Conversations.


    • Thank YOU for your sincere comments, I agree with your words

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  3. WHAT—YOU—OLDER???? Something about a fine wine….comes to mind??? Good job, Boss!!!!

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