Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2014


Poesy plus Polemics

(A repost of a February 2013 poem)

Nature brokers transforment transactions,
Obliging organelles to genomic
Behavior, primordial progressions
Of birth and flourish, of dormance and death,
But all presuppose an organic dance
When chemical chains bind reason to rhyme,
Urging, through mute metamorphosis,
Existential exchange, commingling of
Mitochondrial energies, essence
Irrupting in warm sublime sequence,
Helix on helix, our human heartwood,
The spark that first starts, then quickens the course,
Leaps forth in a lick from His almighty
Fingertip, blessing, bestowing
A brand new, pristine and promising soul

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  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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