Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2014

Pointing fingers ~ by rldubour



Pointing fingers

With age it brings wisdom
That we can really show.
The question that I have
What do we really know?
Do we know the answers
To why we’re even here?
Each of us is different
Yet, death we all do fear.
One thing I know is true
We are born and we die.
And all the in-between
I still do not know why.
Even the emotions
That people hold inside.
Their self proclaimed ideas
With feelings pushed aside.
Caring less what they say
Because in their mind they’re right.
How did they get this way
With feelings so up-tight.

Some are quick to judge us
They take great joy in this.
For this I do feel bad
Think of the things they miss.

Forget that you’re so smart
The things you say and do.
The finger that you point
Three more right back at you!

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