Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2014

Secretly mother of truth bitterly cries~by Abdul Wahab



Secretly mother of truth bitterly cries

No connection I find between earthquake and rain

Yet she shakes and cries for the deeds I did last night

At a restaurant I took a plate of fried rice

and two pieces of boneless  fish

And rubbed a title chicks against chicks

and kissed the pod- lips of white lies

but I wonder what is that to her

as I did not do anything  and kept myself aloof

to save my skin and avoid  her bitter taste

I took shelter and hid behind the back of half-truths

To relook and rethink to fit again my ill-schemes

But when I was asked it was said that for a while I went for a ride

With my friend for my little recreation and to refresh my mood

This untrue fact she took to her mind and hit her lousy hard

Since then in another room secretly the mother of truth bitterly cries.

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