Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2014

The Love Poem is a Lie~by Franky Knuckles



The Love Poem is a Lie

Auburn hair
Is serving Justice
Life’s sweet reward

Angel plucked
Tree Love shook
Cascading down the moor

Open arms, open doors
Mi amor!
Where’s the floor?

Catch me
Into yours


All laughable nonsense
Here’s reality…

You fart
She complains
You burp
She’s a pain

The sex is once a week
And it’s always the same

Call it five years of marriage
And the mundane pace

Until she gets pregnant
With some strange food crave

Then it’s 2 in the morning
And you’re driving half-awake

You’re off to Gas n Glass
For some pickles and a shake

That’s work
No games
That’s work
Every day
Love’s a house foundation
With a lot of bricks to lay

How high do you want to build?


Love is not perfect or picturesque
It’s true beauty…
Lies in the fact we can spend our whole lives
Trying to make it perfect

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