Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2014

Rhyme:abac THE LAKE OF NECTAR~by Surender Goel





Here is a nectar-lake in the green sire,
Imported from Moon on this mortal;
The index o’ delight and peel o’ lyre,
To live a long life o’ sibyl.

All we like to use alien,
The name abroad on I’s floor;
Nation make is neither good nor recon,
To the people o’ my country.

Cuts the cat and pause of headway,
Hate for own among haves and haves not;
And the dominion has to sway,
At the loss of pelf and function.

Now, it is shame for us all,
To live a life of felicity;
On wilt of our sweat and toil,
Fluxed from the plum o’ core.

-Surender Goel

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