Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2014

‘Sing For the Heroes’~by Mary Cecil



‘Sing For the Heroes’

Sing for the heroes,
They had their dreams
Sacrificed and slain,
In political schemes,

Their names unknown,
Forgotten they lay
Lamented by none,
Vanished are they

And when we know of them,
No matter now, they say
That’s in the past,
Where history should stay

Time to move on
We’re civilised now
Politicians are smiling
Guns into ploughs

In dead of night
Dark deeds are done
Ambitions set out
Wars to be won

How many graves?
How many guns?
Before we acknowledge
This world is one

No place on a map
Arbitrarily set out
Dividing us all
Is what they’re about

Humanity will rise
Our knowledge will grow
A world for all
Our children will know

So lay down those arms
Cling one to another
Justice for all
For me and my brother

Mary Cecil
‘In remembrance of D Day’

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