Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 8, 2014

PAN CAKE~by Indira Sadanandan




The mixture of the paste
Made of rice and black gram
combined with salt and water
Was gushed down from the ladle
On the hot pan over the gas stove
Already smeared with oil all over
For the rice paste to be spread
As a pancake .

The pan cruelly burnt it
And made it cry ,”sh…. sh .”
As it’s inner self being boiled
With perplexity .
Soon it was turned upside down
On the same pan
Again it cried ,”sh…sh…”
By the drastic heat.
After seconds,the numbed pancake
Like an obedient child climbed
Silently on the spatula
To be served into the dinner plate
With the decoration of coconut syrup;
Then it began it’s last journey
To it’s burial ground..

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