Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 9, 2014

Indolence~by Abdul Wahab




A continuous fight is being held

Between me and my life

But it is very difficult for me to tell you

Who starts first with whom and when

Is it she who wants me to do all the chores

And errands

Or is it me who refuse

To follow her commands

Very early in the morning she orders me to get up

But I violate her and remain on bed sleeping

And when I get up

She wants me quickly to brush  my teeth

Few minutes late,

If I am

She starts nagging like a grandmother

My life is too boring

Eating, sleeping, washing and doing bathrooms

Without any variety, no changes

Too monotonous!!

I revolt and the fight continues

Till to the time another morning arrives

But each time she manages

And gets things done

I lose, she wins

Yet I conquer her and my life continues.

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