Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 10, 2014

CACTI~by Indira Sadanandan




A man remained to be a bachelor till the age of thirty five
Out of boredom of the loneliness and on his thinking of his
Helping his own parents in their old age he dreamt that he also
Will be helped by his own children, in his old age.
He decided to marry;a woman came as his wife
She bore children for him;he has given love to his children in excess
He sent them to school gave proper education
Bought cell phone, I pad , laptop,branded clothes and shoes as per
Their wish ;life went on smoothly ; the man when tired at the prime time of
His old age ,to look after his farm and small business ,he requested his
Children to go to the shop and the garden which he loved as his own children
He saw the cactus he planted bearing beautiful flowers which smiled to him
When he manured it.
His children didn’t like farming to make their dress and shoes muddy
They didn’t like his small shop that it was of below their dignity
He went to the garden,he wanted to hug his cacti
But the harsh thorns didn’t allow him to do so; he thought ,the cacti
And the children are the same
Keep away from them and love them to the extreme.

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