Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 10, 2014

THE SUMMER~by Rajendra Padhi




The red lotuses burn in a leafy pool
The blazing sun at its prime curls,
Bleeding out beauty of nearby hills
Birds fumble for songs in sickly tone,
The buds are locked up for a smile
The wind sings soliloquy of death,
The sweat like snakes rolls on skin
The brown cup of tea boils the face,
Sighs out heart irrevocably for love
The lonely eyes burn for a look,
The sterility of sky brutal for rain
Out worn my thoughts in fatigue,
Orphaned streets mock at my feet
When I come out vainly for its sight,
I lie on dry grass of my lawn yawning
Drift out sweat droplets over flowing
I turn steamy communing with day,
The portraits are lifeless to sketch
I bemoan summer angling my feelings,
Thoughts but hide their face in disgust
The blinking eyes of workers pains
Die half forgotten by the moneyed man,
Still I keep vigil the summer retreat
It racks but without sun we can’t live.

Composed and copy right by Rajendra K. Padhi

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