Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 11, 2014





Image of our love!
Enveloped by illusive instincts
And shadowed by mirages
Will remain alive and floating
Over loving embrace of eyes

As a Rose may hide itself
In scarf of leaves of its stem
Butterflies never fail to spy
Don’t feel shy to discover
Its soothing fragrance

Love is alive though eclipsed
Under clouds of lust, but
Lives long & it never dies
It may vanish from
Your memory plane,
But may shift over to
Galaxies of eternal skies

How can I burry an image,
Love’s shimmering image
It will twinkle in my eyes
All through my age!
By Jagjit Singh ‘Jit’
@June 11, 2014
All Rights Reserved By ‘Jit’

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