Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 11, 2014

Superstitious~by Derek King




What standard should I follow ?
Between cemented walls – so called halls
of higher understanding.
So lost – feel I – wordless and wide-eyed
trained to behave as I surly wouldn’t
while trying with all desire to attain higher
platitudes or commandments.
Daily reaping ancient scriptures
building bridges to cross the schism
learning less and less
on how I need more and more
from the One knocking at my door
and His holiday religion.

We are the one parted to become the many.
The body is a constant reminder of the sentence we have been given.
Fantasy and grand meanderings to magically be pretending
that we are honest and not to overtly pretentious;

i slipped away – sullen and brave – wisdom arrayed
in delicate memory – and it has made me be

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