Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2014

ღ Longing ….. ღ ~by Dreaming Poet



ღ Longing ….. ღ 

Trying to sleep as I rest my head
On a pillow I strongly hold
I touch the empty side of my bed
Satin sheets feel so cold

My skin feels your warm touch
I long for so much
Your perfume on my wrist
Carries me away through the mist

Each minute I spend awake
Is another heartache
Still further… still apart
And the pain is yet to start

Longing for your kiss
Everything in you I miss
Longing for the touch of your hand
As the sea longs for its sand

I close my eyes and dream away
Walk with me along the shore
Take my hand in yours and say
You will leave me no more

Hold me closer inhale me through
Take me deeper into you
Feel my breath in your face
Feel my step in your pace

Looking around
You’re nowhere to be found
I’m still all alone
Staring at a dead phone.

ღ Mira ღ


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