Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2014

Aborigine~by Abdul Wahab




America belongs to Americans
And not to the natives
All Europeans say

So with the aborigines
They never belong to Australia
All Americans say

India belongs to Indians
And not to the original inhabitants
All Aryans say

British says Britain first
An Aryan says India first
I am neither Australian nor American
My world is invaded by all immigrants
And I am lost somewhere
In this ‘’ first’’ ‘’ first’’ game

Take away the whole world
If you can by your might
Democracies, democracies, please do not shout
It does not suit at all to your mouth

You may take away water, air
And make me look like a foreigner in my own mother land
But please leave me with a piece of cloud
The land of my imagination
And a bit little space of blue heaven
To spread my little legs and hands
like trees spread roots
To grow there like I grew before as aborigines
And become the son of soil again in the cosmos
And never come back
To live with you as fellow citizen
Oh! Dirty greedy men of this world!

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