Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2014

RUN BABY RUN~by Indira Sadanandan




Orpheus was playing the lyre
Gifted to him by Apollo
My friends four in number and myself
Were roaming in the woods
Catching fishes from the rivulet
Plucking flowers and scenting them
And singing along with the nightingale
Hidden among the bunches of leaves
On the branches.
Moon kid ,our intimate friend gave us
The idea of stealing the lyre
From Orpheus,
We all stealthily went near the tree
Where Orpheus used to sit
At that time we saw him swimming
In the pond .
Moon kid snatched away the lyre
On the same point of time when
Orpheus raised up his face
All of us startled and began running
On our way ending ,Moon kid
Threw the lyre towards me ,
Which i caught.when he was saying
“Run baby run”
Then he climbed to the sky and
Concealed himself among the clouds
We can see him on Heaven as
The digit of the moon
The lyre is still with me and ‘m eagerly
Waiting for Orpheus to return the same.

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