Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 13, 2014

Sweet Love~by Rikki Bertrand



Sweet Love

There was no thought in the embrace,
It came natural and with grace,
Hands wrapped to feel soft skin,
Pleasure crawling deep within

Bronzed bodies bare their soul,
Relinquishing all control.
Clothes removed and dropped to floor,
As hearts feel with true rapport.

Bound together by morning dew,
Both lovers knew what would ensue.
Gentle kisses and gentle touch,
Molded desire, left no crutch.

Powered by the gift of love,
And that smiling angel high above
The two combined to be as one,
And made sweet love till morning sun.

©Rik Bertrand (JUNE 2014 # 31) I love the photo that I wrote this about,,, was going to be erotic,,, but for some reason,,,,, It felt like sweet love…

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